A little bit about me...

From a tender age of 4, Becky's life journey led her to the Imperial Valley, where she embarked on her educational journey in Imperial. Infused with an energetic spirit, she actively engaged in sports, cheerleading, and the captivating realm of horse shows spanning Imperial and San Diego County. Over four decades of marital bliss with her devoted husband have seen them nurture two sons, a legacy that now extends to the cherished embrace of two adorable granddaughters.


In 2004, a remarkable pivot in Becky's path saw her transition from a 20-year tenure as a meticulous bookkeeper to an accomplished holder of a real estate license. Her intrinsic joy finds its pinnacle in the ceremonial act of handing over keys to new homeowners, an embodiment of her passion for facilitating life's pivotal moments. With adept finesse, she steers her clients through the labyrinthine journey to homeownership, bringing them to a profound decision marked by her guidance.


Becky's dedication knows no bounds, characterized by her unwavering presence from the inception of a transaction to the final flourish of the close of escrow. Her profound commitment extends beyond mere business, touching the heart of her clients whenever they require her steadfast support.


Beyond her professional achievements, Becky's personal pursuits reflect her multifaceted essence. Her love for horses and livestock finds a vibrant outlet, intertwining with her zest for baking. Those fortunate enough to cross her path might just find themselves the recipient of her delectable baked creations, an unexpected closing gift that mirrors her warmth and creativity.


Becky's narrative is one of multifaceted dimensions – a trailblazer, a compassionate guide, and a purveyor of delectable delights, all encapsulated in a life devoted to enriching the experiences of those she encounters.